Welcome to my site! I'm a software developer located in Southern California, experienced developer of web applications (front-end, backend), mobile apps, and others.

Skills/expertise: Relational Databases, Database schema design, API design, Search, React, Scrapers, Product Development.

Technologies: Golang, Ruby, JavaScript, React, SQL, Elasticsearch, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Node.js, Express.js, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, CircleCI, TravisCI, Git, Heroku, AWS, Bootstrap, Semantic UI, Zurb Foundation.

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Privva - Software Developer

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Privva is an enterprise software platform for managing vendor risk assessment. Contributed to all areas of the codebase developed the core features of the app and many others. Won a 2017 Cybersecurity Excellence Award in the Cybersecurity Product category.

Stock Wall Live

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Stock Wall Live is a stock symbol lookup and real-time quote viewer for stocks, ETFs, indices, and traded commodities. Developed server side code including the API consumed by the tvOS app, and the importers that get, import, and sync US and foreign markets data. App reached #1 Top Grossing and #3 Top Free in the 'Finance' category of Apple TV’s App Store.

SURKUS - Software Developer

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Surkus is a mobile app that pays users to attend events. Contributed to server side codebase, json API design, automated event casting system and web administrative platform.

GrantIQ - Software Developer

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GrantIQ is a research, analysis and alert platform for R & D initiatives. Developed GrantIQ's all new feature set, backing suite of apps, services, and internal gems also used by SBIRsource. Users include Global 500 companies, leading research universities, local govs, investors, and others.

SBIRsource - Software Developer

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SBIRsource is a research and analysis platform for R & D initiatives and the predecessor to GrantIQ. Led occassional new feature development of user facing app and ongoing development efforts of platform apps shared with GrantIQ including scrapers, importers, and various background jobs.